3D Coat 3.5.24 最新BETA リリース!




3Dペイント&ポリゴン&ボクセルスカルプト ツール 3D Coatの最新ベータがリリースされています。







  • LiveClay brushes improved and updated.
  • Copy tool has got rich improvement - respects alpha channel now, makes optional extrusion, may copy just surface - http://t.co/U0acUZY, which means: It may copy just surface if need - super cool to create clothes, stamp logos, shells - http://t.co/gjcmrwL . In general the new version allows you to paint over voxel models with different colors/shaders, of course without blending - http://t.co/WcbU470 
  • Andrew achieved some good success in seamlessness in PPP - see -http://t.co/oHzUTzO . Baking voxels->ppp got even better seamlessness now.
  • Andrew included Import->Import geometry in paint room. In this way you will be able to change geometry/topology in an external editor and preserving layers. Imported geometry may have changed topology but the UV information should be preserved, at least approximately. This works for ppp only.
  • You are able to replace geometry in the scene, by using AppLinks -http://bit.ly/mZqW11 , AppLinks do not require any modification to support this.
  • VoxTree->RMB->Extrude will correcty work with freezed areas in surface mode. It is important go get accurate shells, good for dental modeling f.e.
  • LiveClay works correctly now in stamp modes.
  • Voxel export with simplification improved again to avoid non-manifolds.
  • Deleting instance issue resolved - http://www.3d-coat.c...view.php?id=330 
  • Export curve profile problem resolved - http://bit.ly/qYXBlm 
  • The problem of darkening while smoothing in Win 64 build were resolved -http://t.co/kH6Jzgl 
  • Projection painting in Photoshop improved a bit - now you may edit projection being inside of an object (for example a skybox).
  • Fixed painting over UVs problem - if an island is positioned outside 0...1. Painting/picking in UV/texture window will work correctly now.
  • Fixed cylinder unwrap issue or OSX 64 bit.
  • Text/Picture/Curve tool node deleting bug were fixed - http://bit.ly/o2lHbG









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