TreeSketch 2.0 (旧名TreePad)- iPad用樹木生成アプリがバージョンアップ!無料アプリ







What's New in Version 2.0

  • Width constraints provide the artist with full control over the distribution of widths throughout the tree crown.
  • Refinement of parameters controlling branch straightness and tropism
  • Extended tropism to allow for any preferred angle
  • Flow curves which allow the user to specify the general flow of branches before painting
  • Interactive tropism controller
  • The tree follows the stroke better when using a low brush radius
  • Gravimorphism allows the artist to bias growth to buds, which reside on different sides of branches.
  • New branch bending algorithm, which attempts to maintain the local character of the branch throughout bending. Stretching and over-sketching of branches are now supported.
  • More control over the orientation of leaves
  • Randomized leaf shapes for more realistic looking leaves
  • New tree skeleton export format
  • New name, icon and title screen





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