UDK (Unreal Development Kit) April 2011 Beta - 最新ベータリリース






Unreal Editor

- You can now select multiple actors and transform them as a group!

- http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/ActorGrouping.html

- In light of the new actor grouping system, the old grouping system and group browser have been renamed to Layers.

- The ability to toggle the visibility of specific in-editor sprite categories has been added.

- Unreal Landscape now automatically performs LOD-independent lighting without artist input.

- The editor now allows packages to be auto-checked in along with maps.

Unreal Kismet

- Easily find and add named variables to your Kismet using the new “Named Variables” right-click sub-menu.

- You can now copy and paste vertex colors when painting meshes.

Other Improvements

- AnimSets can now be edited as a group from Unreal Content Browser.

- Skeletal mesh import time has been drastically decreased.

- Skeletal mesh compression is now per LOD, not per mesh.

- Skeletal mesh actors can now be converted to SkeletalMeshCinematicActors without losing data.

- It is now possible to view different UV channels in the Static Mesh Viewer without changing the Unreal Lightmass UV coordinate index.

- The UV previewer in the Static Mesh Editor now defaults to LightmapCoordinateIndex channel when possible.

- Unreal Cascade allows the removal of duplicate modules from the system via the Particle Systems context menu’s “Remove Duplicate Modules” entry.  









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