LuxRender v0.8 RC3 リリース! - オープンソースの物理レンダラー





Changes since v0.8RC2 (also check the new in 0.8 wiki page):

  • - lots of fixes for hybrid GPU accelerated path tracer (now usable)
  • - camera response presets so you don't need to keep the files around for most camera film types
  • - fixes for IPv6 networking support
  • - improved speed for microdisplacement
  • - fix an issue when using IES profiles on area lights
  • - better handling of filenames across platforms (\ vs / separator issue)
  • - ability to load STL meshes
  • - new advanced tab in the GUI exposing various informations on the render configuration
  • - ability to use local coordinates, UV coordinates or normal coordinates for Blender and PBRT textures
  • - fixed light intensity when using an imagemap or bilerp to texture an area light
  • - new stop button behaviour in the GUI, the render can now be restarted, a new menu option allows a full stop of the render engine
  • - ability to embed file data inside LuxRender files
  • - new option for EXR output to output straight colors even with alpha channel (the standard requires that the color is always multiplied by the alpha value)
  • - ability to load and save tonemapping and post effects parameters in a file
  • - various fixes and tweaks all around








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